Getting There

Kwai River Christian Hospital is located about 400km northwest from Bangkok, a drive of about 6-7 hrs. International travel is best via Bangkok’s Don Mueang or Suvarnabhumi airports, with arrangements to travel up by public transport from Mor Chit (Northern Bus Station) to the town of Sangklaburi (which is about 20km distant from KRCH) by bus or minivan, or by a private-hire vehicle directly from the airport to Kwai River Christian Hospital in Huay Malai village.

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The Northern Bus Station (Mor Chit) has a large air-con coach bus that goes directly to Sangklaburi town (about 7-8hrs) – when the service is operating (sometimes the bus is under repair) –  the latest schedule showed it left at 6:30am.

The minivan service is a little faster and also leaves from Mor Chit. The routing is to Kanchanaburi City every half hour from 7:30am (takes about 2-1/2hrs) and you may connect with another minivan from Kanchanburi City Bus Station to Sangklaburi town (3-1/2 to 4hrs) –  the last van heading up the hills is at around 4:30-5pm.

Arrangements can be made ahead of time  (depending on the availability of  hospital drivers), to book a vehicle to drive down to pick you up from Sangklaburi’s minibus or bus drop-off point, and bring you up to the hospital.